Full Magnetic Tech. Co., Ltd.

Professional manufacturer of magnetic separation equipment

FMT is composed of a group of engineers who love and have professional R & D and design of magnetic materials and equipment. With efficient services, we can meet the needs of various industries for magnetic material application equipment, and provide the best quality services and engineering solutions. . Adhere to the concept of [quality first, customer first].


Pursuit of excellence, quality first



Eddy Current Separator(ECS)

Sintered NdFeB



FMT-960-K Metal Detector

Plate Housing Magnet (PHM)

Magnetic Gride (MG)

Plate Magnets(PM)

Magnetic Drawer (MD)

Rich Experience

The team members of Fumagite Technology are composed of a group of technicians with more than 25 years of professional experience in the field of magnetic materials and equipment R&D, design, and sales.

Specialized Division Of Labor

Our team consists of experts in R&D, quality control, sales, purchasing and other fields, to provide you with the best service in every step.

Innovative R&D

FMTs innovative professional core technology, combined with strong supply chain operation capabilities, has laid the foundation for the sustainable development of the companys operation team, and also enabled us to compete in the fierce competition of market differentiation Stand out from the competition.

Customer First

No matter what questions you have, FMT will definitely uphold the professional spirit of its staff and provide you with the most professional and complete services. Quality and service are our commitment to customers and the cornerstone of our success. Let us work together to grow together and create a better future!